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Kubernetes is one of the most popular container orchestration tools available. The Container Orchestration with Kubernetes Certification course will help you grasp the key skills, technology, and concepts that a Kubernetes administrator needs to know.

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Kubernetes 101

3 months

Preferred by: Working Professionals

Key Highlights

  • Gain basic understanding of Kubernetes Fundamentals
  • Deploy Kubernetes Cluster on local systems
  • Deploy Applications on Kubernetes
  • Develop Kubernetes Configuration Files in YAML
  • Deploy Kubernetes on Cloud - Google Cloud Platform
  • Setup ReplicaSets, Services and Deployments on Kubernetes

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Things You Will Learn

A diagram of a cloud network.
Kubernetes diagram chart
A diagram of the kubernetes center.
A diagram showing the process of creating a kubernetes application.

Who Is This Course For?

Career Kickstarter

Be job-ready with an industry-relevant curriculum and guidance by experts

Interview Preparation

Resume & LinkedIn profile building, 1:1 mentoring & mock interview sessions, guidance on job search strategy

Career Switchers

This course is the perfect starting point for career switchers who are eager to dive into Kubernetes 101. The course is designed to empower a seamless transition into Cloud Computing, making you industry ready.

College Students

This course enables college students to kickstart their careers by introducing them to basics as well as the advanced Kubernetes required to succeed in this high-demand industry.

Course Curriculum

  • Kubernetes Overview
  • Setup Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Concepts - Pods, Nodes
  • YAML Introduction
  • Networking In Kubernetes
  • Services In Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes In Cloud

Career Opportunities After Kubernetes Course

With Kubernetes, you can easily deploy and manage thousands of containers. This makes it an ideal platform for large-scale deployments. Another reason for Kubernetes’ popularity is its flexibility.

Cloud Engineer

Students who have completed our course can apply for internships & DevOps jobs:

  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Junior Cloud Engineer
Infrastructure Engineer

Students who have completed our course can apply for internships & Cloud Computing jobs:

  • System Administrator
  • DevOps Engineer

Certificate Of Completion

After completion of the course you will be provided with the industry recognised certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration platform. You'll learn how to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications efficiently using Kubernetes, gaining hands-on experience with real-world examples.

This course is suitable for developers, DevOps engineers, system administrators, and anyone interested in learning about container orchestration with Kubernetes. Whether you're new to Kubernetes or looking to deepen your knowledge, this course caters to various skill levels.

No prior experience is required. This course starts with the basics of containerization and Kubernetes, explaining core concepts and building your knowledge from there. Whether you're a beginner or have some familiarity with Kubernetes, you'll find the content accessible and engaging.

The duration of this Kubernetes Engineer course is 3 months.